Forget Printing Money––Make Me a Steak and a Liver!

With great advancements in technology, we have seen our share of shock-and-awe products. While many of these are undoubtedly cool, few possess the power to change the world. 3-D printing was one of those “cool” technological developments that hit the market a few years ago and had us scratching our heads as to where this would fit in the communications and graphics industry. Well, this is where Modern Meadow steps in.

Modern Meadow is a start-up that has secured a large amount of money for researching and developing a way to print organic cells in the hopes of making edible meat. At first glance, it just seems novel, but it actually could have some amazing economic and environmental impact. That is, of course, if it doesn’t end up giving you cancer. The cold truth is that modern farming and agriculture is very harsh on the environment both in terms of what it takes to keep a farm up and running as well as in the processing of the product to get it ready for the dinner table.

There have been similar advancements in 3-D printing with the goal of printing organs for people in need of transplants (featured in a recent TED talk). If successful, this could radically alter medicine.

So, as good old MJ sang, “Heal the world, make it a better place.” Yes, we have print to thank for that!

Author: John Mehl


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