Rebranding Causes Mixed Feelings. Is It Worth It?

To rebrand or not to rebrand? Yes, people do love change. But rebranding can be a hit or a miss. You had better have an excellent reason for trying to change the look while keeping the same business. Putting a new spin on things can be exciting, but know that customers need to get it right away and that they expect something fabulous from you. A logo change might get your customers’ attention but not their approval.

Now we ask, why did a well-known, appreciated brand put its substantial and age-old brand equity at risk after more than a half century? We refer to Yves Saint Laurent, which has recently rebranded its ready-to-wear collection as Saint Laurent Paris.

These are just some of the comments that unhappy customers have left on Yves Saint Laurent’s Facebook page:

  • This is so stupid. Why would you change such an iconic name?
  • don ‘t like it…
  • I like the design but unfortunately this does not represent YSL to me anymore. this is another story. it’s a shame 😦
  • now it sounds like a chocolate brand
  • YSL was much better.
  • Such a shame for an iconic logo to be rid of. Yves saint laurent himself created a legacy and in utter respect to him after his passing and what he has created the least they could have done is leave it a YSL
  • No no no

Most customers seem to be relieved that the brand is still formally Yves Saint Laurent and that the title change will apply only to the ready-to-wear collection.

So why did Yves Saint Laurent undergo this change? Take a look: For a fresh and modern look? Hmmm … I personally am not convinced. What about you?

Author: Marina Kaljaj


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