Repurposing and Sharing Your Digital Assets

Not too long ago, once a file was printed and distributed, that would be the end of the story. Today, the same files that were sent to print can be distributed a number of different ways, allowing more people access to an agency or company’s digital assets within the mobile environment.

The New York City Poison Control Center initially asked Vanguard Direct to include a QR code on its bus shelter posters, brochures, and fact sheets that, when scanned, would simply go to its homepage on the website.

We reviewed the Poison Control Center’s homepage and found that it was not mobile-user friendly.

The website’s homepage did, however, have a wealth of information available for New Yorkers to view: four medicine-safety brochures produced in six languages (English, Chinese, Haitian Creole, Korean, Russian, and Spanish) and two medicine-safety videos that were produced in English and Spanish.

We could have just created a QR code linking to the homepage as requested, but…

Instead Vanguard Direct proposed a smarter solution: Distributing the client’s existing digital assets to the public via print and mobile environments.

Vanguard Direct applied a QR code to the client’s print materials and developed mobile landing pages where smartphone users could select their native languages and view existing PDFs, videos, and associated websites. All mobile landing pages in six languages (English and Spanish are now active, with the other four about to go live) as well as the pre-existing digital assets can now be viewed from one QR code. “Save to Contacts” and “Call Now” features were added and can be saved on the user’s smartphone for future use.

Author: Mark Dion, Matt Ford, Susan Hallinan


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