Absolut Unique!

How do you get your product or service to stand out in today’s advertising clutter? There really are no specific rules, but here are some things to have in mind when creating an ad:

  •  Try being unique (shoot for a completely original idea––an eye-catching image works well in most cases).
  • Make sure the viewer wants to read the headline followed by the deeper description of the product or service offered.
  • Make the viewer laugh.
  • Strive to appeal to the viewer’s emotions (e.g., “You might forget him, but you won’t forget the way he made you feel”).
  • Place ads in unusual settings.

Can you think of a brand whose advertising worked or that you really appreciated or liked?

Absolut Vodka! I love their advertising. Don’t get me wrong––it’s not because I love to drink. Rather, the clever (and beautiful) execution always makes me stop and look. Here is a selection of Absolut Vodka ads published in the last 20 to30 years:

Aren’t they just fantastic?! There is perfect storytelling in each ad––it’s hard for me to pick a favorite. And even though I am a wine drinker, these ads definitely make me want to have a vodka shot. Shall I go for Absolut Venice or Absolut Paradise? Ah … such a dilemma! If these were my only life questions…

With that said, we come to Absolut Vodka’s latest attempt to attract attention. This time Absolut Vodka decided to do something quite different (and I can only imagine how costly): distribute about 4 million unique vodka bottles across the world. Pretty impressive, if you ask me. Absolut Unique! Now you can select your very own vodka bottle to match your new set of plates. Or to match your shirt or makeup! Maybe your puppy will wear a matching bow for the housewarming party you’ll be throwing next month. Endless creativity. Such a great concept. Playful, fun, chic. Jonas Tåhlin, Vice President of Global Marketing at The Absolut Company describes the campaign as “a bit ‘mad scientist,’ a bit street art.”

Take a look and let us know what you think of Absolut’s advertising approach:

Shall we have a drink?

Author: Marina Kaljaj


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