QR Codes – Mandate!

You have recently fallen in love. You do what all new couples do: watch movies, cook together, shop together, go out to eat…

How many times have you and your loved one browsed the streets, trying to find a great place to eat? In this economy we always try to get our money’s worth and at the same time prefer highly rated restaurants. Good food, a clean environment, great prices––this all matters. And the inspection grade posted on the window doesn’t always reveal enough information (at least if that grade is not an A).

How many times have the two of you walked around the city avoiding street sides or even blocks because of scaffolding, worrying about safety?

You love your partner so much that you want to get his name tattooed on your body. Think of all your friends who have picked a tattoo artist through word of mouth, without knowing whether the person has a real permit or not. That person may be great, but it’s important to feel safe, having trust based on credentials as well as artistic ability.

Let’s say you and your partner got married and have a beautiful girl together. Do you remember all those hours spent discussing your child’s day care center? You want to be able to go to work knowing your child is in good hands. A good feeling is not enough. You want to know that the day care provider is licensed for the job before leaving your baby with a stranger for the next eight hours.

Well, I have good news for anyone who has ever thought about these things: The New York City Council has approved a law (which will most likely take effect next fall) requiring every city agency that has inspection, permit, license, or registration information online to add QR codes, which link to more extensive information, to the physical documents that are posted in windows, at construction sites, etc. Agencies that do not post information online are obliged to do so by 2016. You’ll soon be able to learn a lot with just a quick phone scan.

Long live the smartphone!! Click here to read more. Thoughts?

Author: Marina Kaljaj


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