BMW’s Brand-New Twin-Turbo 560-HP Printing Press!

Having trouble coming up with a stimulating idea for direct mail? Maybe you should look at how BMW is pushing the envelope! Never before has a 560-horsepower BMW M6 been converted into a printing press, but there is a first for everything, right?

In a creative attempt to demonstrate how the new BMW M6 can “peel the pavement,” BMW partnered with Classic Color, Toyo Ink, and Sappi Fine Paper. They all reported to Blackhawk Farms Raceway to test out a new, turbo-charged printing press. Watch the symphonic culmination below:

I gather that most companies out there don’t have this type of cash to spend on direct mail projects, but this is an inspiring example of how far outside the box you can go with a simple printed piece. After all, everything comes down to return on investment, and I would guess BMW only has to sell ten of these cars to make up for this stunt.

I hope this helps stimulate your creative brain … Come up with anything yet?

Author: T. John Mehl


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