Mozilla Mobile OS

At the Mobile World Congress, Mozilla introduced its new operating system, featured on the ZTW Open phone. Mozilla worked with Telefónica to create a mobile operating system that is low-cost and open-source, and phones with this operating system are geared toward Latin America and developing countries.

Mozilla does not aspire to world domination, but it does want to change how people and developers interact with their mobile operating systems. This new operating system is HTML5-, CSS-, and JavaScript-based and can be changed on the fly. Once an app has been developed for the Mozilla mobile OS, its distribution will not be limited to a closed ecosystem, like the apps of Android and Apple. Apps can be downloaded from the Mozilla Marketplace or from any web-based site, creating what Mozilla believes will become a healthy competition between developers. The new operating system has some big-name partners––Disney, Twitter, and Facebook, to name a few––as well as eighteen mobile network operators and four phone manufacturers backing it. The first phone featuring this new operating system will be released in the second quarter of this year in countries including Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.

Author: Susan Hallinan


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