Facebook News Feed Redesign

The great Facebook overlords have struck again. On March 7, it was announced that the News Feed section of a user’s Facebook page would be getting a redesign in the next couple of months. The third and final change promised in 2011, the News Feed redesign follows the introduction of Timeline and Graph Search.

Personally, I think the redesign of the News Feed is long overdue. As soon as Timeline was rolled out, the two layouts never matched up in design or function. Timeline was a complete overhaul of the previous layout, now favoring visual media over everything else. While that was great for individual user profiles, the separate News Feed to view everyone else’s content did not share that aesthetic. It was still clunky, text-heavy, and reminiscent of past designs. The new, media-heavy design will make the News Feed cohesive and organized as well as consistent across all devices.

The deeper reason for the redesign, however, is most likely to better display media from Facebook’s recent acquisitions, namely Instagram. Instagram accounts connected to Facebook will automatically post to users’ News Feeds. Facebook has also hinted at more developments like this in the future, possibly in the audio and video fields.

Regardless of Facebook’s intentions, it’s a very nice change and an overdue spring-cleaning for the social media site. Time will tell if it will help increase retention or subscriptions to the site or its partners. But in a world where things move quickly and everyone wants a piece of the market, it’s good to know Facebook is not just sitting on its hands.

To make the change more exclusive and to create a little stir, there is a waiting list to sign up for the slow rollout of the design. To be on the waiting list for the new News Feed design, sign up at :


Author: Zack Smith


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