True Life: Vanguard Direct

For eight weeks, I will be interning at Vanguard Direct in its New York City office. I overlap six weeks with two other interns who are also here for an eight-week period this summer, Lindsey Clark and Minji Kim. While I will be working in the marketing department, Lindsey is working for production, and Minji is in the digital department.

We have been pleased to get to know many of the NYC employees of Vanguard Direct during our time in the office, at lunch, and at after-work activities, like rock climbing, that Vanguard Direct employees have organized.

In the six short weeks we are together, we thought it would be fun to create a blog series to spotlight a few employees from each department of Vanguard Direct. It’s a unique way for us to learn more about the people we are working side-by-side with as well as gain some blogging experience. We’ll be asking these employees about what they do for Vanguard Direct but also what they enjoy doing in their free time and a little bit about their backgrounds. Utterly Orange is an expression of Vanguard Direct’s personality. With this series, we hope you’ll get a glimpse of who makes up that personality.

On the first day of my internship, I briefly met Peter McCann, a fellow Gettysburgian (I am a rising senior at Gettysburg College) who works in sales here at Vanguard Direct. I was quite nervous at first, but I found a particular comfort knowing that I had a connection to Peter through Gettysburg. Once the email blast went out that I attend Gettysburg, he proceeded to show me his old school ID (he still carries it around with him!) and share stories of his college experience.

It’s a small world, and I bet in the weeks to come that you will find some connections to these employees comparable to my experience of first meeting Peter.

I’m eager to begin working on True Life: Vanguard Direct … Are you ready to meet the employees?

Author: Liz Baron


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