True Life: Kathy Lupo

In the Office: 

Kathy Lupo is the Ambassador of Vanguard.  She is the first face clients see and first voice they hear.  It is also her job to fix any logistical office problems.  Her duties include: managing reception, arranging client lunches and meetings, booking hotel reservations and organizing travel plans.  Kathy also keeps up with phone maintenance and handles the AC and office cleaning.  Her presence is very valued here at Vanguard Direct.

Outside the Office:

Kathy Lupo, originally from Grand Rapids, MI, made her way to the Big Apple with intentions to stay. She laid down roots in the Bronx, where she has lived for 25 years with her husband and two sons, Charlie (20) and Stephen (19). “It couldn’t have been planned any better!” Kathy explains, referring to her sons’ strong relationship because of their close ages.

One thing many people don’t know about Kathy is that she has a green thumb. Kathy grows cucumbers, oregano, green beans, garlic, peppers, spinach, basil, and tomatoes right in her backyard. She is very passionate about her garden and loves cooking with the fresh ingredients she has at her fingertips. Kathy’s favorite dish to make––and, fittingly, to eat––is Chicken Parmesan. She also makes pizza from scratch on Saturdays for her family. Not surprisingly, one of her dream vacations would be to go to Italy (as well as Sweden, because she’s Swedish!).

Kathy’s Favorite Vanguard Direct Memory:

Kathy began working at Vanguard Direct in 2005. Prior to Vanguard, Kathy had worked in customer service for Time Warner Cable and then for Goldman Sachs. After jumping around a bit, she wanted to find a place that she could call home––during her interview at Vanguard Direct, she made this known.

On her third day of work in NYC, the air-conditioning broke, which literally put her in the hot seat. Employees were quickly beginning to feel the heat. She was asked to provide everyone with ice, water, and anything else that would keep them cool. Going about her day, she did whatever she could to help her new coworkers, who quickly became her friends. (Who doesn’t love the lady bringing cold water on a hot day?) She had been a bit frazzled during the day, also experiencing the sweltering heat, but felt the reward of helping everyone else out. It didn’t matter that she hadn’t even been there a week, because in the first seventy-two hours, she learned that everyone believed in the work they were doing––how else do you explain persevering through 100-degree weather in Manhattan? She saw that every person in the company mattered, just like in a family. As if reading her thoughts, when Vanguard Direct President Bob O’Connell was leaving the office on that eventful day, he saw Kathy sitting behind her desk, smiled, and said, “Looks like you found your home.”

Authors:  Liz Baron, Lindsey Clark and MinJi Kim


One response to “True Life: Kathy Lupo

  1. From the very first day she made me feel right home. Need anything- Kathy gets it! Makes mean cup of Joe too.

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