True Life: Doreen Doyle

Inside the Office:

Doreen Doyle serves as the ultimate liaison between clients and vendors. She handles the flurry of proofs, printing, prices, invoices, mailings, billings, sales pitches, and creative services that are essential to a project’s success. She is also very familiar with doing work with city agencies. Other responsibilities include mentoring new employees, visiting printers for on-press printing approval, creating orders in DemandBridge, keeping up with suggested literature on printing, taking webinars, attending vendor presentations, and following up with clients once a project is completed. In essence, as Vanguard Direct’s Senior Client Services Manager, Doreen does it all.

Outside the Office:

Doreen is a born and bred New Yorker. She grew up in Manhattan and has watched her childhood home transform into the vibrant city we know today. Not only has she seen NYC change, she has also seen the printing industry go through a technological revolution. Doreen began her printing career in her junior year of high school. Starting at the factory level, she learned everything from the ground up. She explained to us step by step exactly how the printing process worked.

It would seem printing chose her, and she has enjoyed being involved in a business that is always changing. During our interview, she explained, “I wanted a challenge where every day is different.” Doreen harbored this adventurous spirit as a child, when she  believed it was her destiny to become an airline stewardess who would travel all over the world.

A love of discovery has fueled Doreen’s travel through France, Italy, Spain, England, and Croatia. She plans to go to Dublin later this year for her aunt’s 80th birthday party! Any place with water and a golf course get an automatic “thumbs up” from Doreen. She keeps a set of clubs in Florida to be able to play whenever she goes down to visit. Out of all her travels, London is her second-favorite city to explore (NYC is obviously #1!). One exceptional aspect of NYC is that there is always a new place around the corner––her new favorite spots to visit are Eataly and Chelsea Market, and one of her traditional favorites is the High Line. Finally moving out of the city, Doreen now uses Peekskill, NY, as a launching pad to see the world. Westchester life makes getting to a golf course easier. (You don’t see too many acres of untouched land in NYC besides Central Park.) Her fifteen-year hobby has made domestic travel to South Carolina and Myrtle Beach a no-brainer to get a few rounds in.

Doreen’s Favorite Vanguard Memory:

Doreen began working for Vanguard in 1993, left, and then returned in 1999 and has been here ever since––it would seem she ended up where she was meant to be. Out of countless fun times around the office after work, she treasures one memory above all the rest. After 9/11 there was sense of closeness to her coworkers and a feeling of being cared for. Returning home after a traumatic and exhausting day, it was a huge comfort when managers called her to make sure she was all right. There was a deep relief in being able to stay in contact with everyone in the office and to hear that all were safe. The community that exists within the work bubble at Vanguard Direct extended far beyond the confines of cubicles, and having that community for strength and support was––and still is––priceless.

Author:  Lindsey Clark, Liz Baron, and MinJi Kim


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