True Life: Gerard St. Louis

Inside the Office:

Gerard works in the Information Technology (IT) department and is essential in keeping Vanguard Direct at the top of its technological game. He usually works on the development of different applications and also maintains the Vanguard website. He is the go-to person for network support and assistance with malfunctioning programs.

Outside the Office:

Outside the office, Gerard loves to be, well, outside! He enjoys the parks of NYC and truly believes that being active is the best use of his free time. In high school, he played basketball, soccer, and cricket and ran the 400m in track and field. Though no longer on a sports team, Gerard still makes exercise a priority. In keeping with his fit lifestyle, Gerard has been a pescatarian––meaning he only eats fish and vegetables––for the past two years. Even though athleticism seems to be Gerard’s passion, that was not always the case. He is a self-proclaimed “geek.” When he was younger, Gerard was very shy and would read everything and anything about programming when computers were not available for hands-on learning. His mom was very influential in helping Gerard enter the world of IT because she encouraged him to attend a school that specialized in IT. At school, his IT teacher was very significant in helping him succeed in the field and pursue his career.

Gerard’s early hunger for knowledge led to one his one of first jobs: being a high school teacher for five years. He began teaching in Guyana at a mere eighteen years old. During those five years, Gerard taught seven subjects, including Spanish, French, and math. Gerard moved to NYC in 2005 and has been here for eight years. He enjoys giving back to the community and helping to feed the homeless. The fact that Gerard is trilingual definitely helps in a city as diverse as New York. Gerard has a lot of family here and enjoys spending time with them on the weekend. He told us that he has always been a bit of a clown because life’s too short not to have fun!

Vanguardian Experience:

When Gerard is at work, he only focuses on work. It is this focus that allows him to tackle technological problems that most people would just shake their heads at. Keeping his home life and work life completely separate is important because it allows him to concentrate without distractions. Yet when he does need a quick break at work (Who can’t relate to that 2:30 PM feeling? Insert 5-hr. energy endorsement here!), his Vanguard friends help him clear his mind. He enjoys the freedom that Vanguard gives him to approach his assignments in his own way in order to produce the highest-quality solutions.

Author: Lindsey Clark, Liz Baron, MinJi Kim


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