True Life: Peter McCann

Inside the Office:

Peter McCann began working at Vanguard Direct in 1992. As Senior Account Executive, he helps clients achieve their marketing and operational goals. He works hard on new business development and also is a very successful connector of clients and vendors. I have recently observed Peter exploring new technologies to reach customers. He maintains great relationships with clients, creating effective strategies to reduce costs and improve workflow.

Outside the Office:

Peter impressively balances family, friends, and fun. Family comes first, as his life is centered on his wife and kids. Peter has three daughters (17, 14, and 11). For the past eight years, he has coached his girls’ various soccer teams on weekends and cheered them on from the sidelines. (Believe me, having your dad as your coach is awesome. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I now look back and see how special and cool it was when my dad coached my soccer teams!) Peter’s wife is a great cook. He explained how she loves trying new recipes––he is understandably more than happy to be a taste tester.

When Peter is not on the field coaching, at home, or at work, he plays in an adult ice hockey league on Long Island. He has been skating since he could walk but just started playing hockey six years ago. There are about 1,200 men who play in the club. His team is called the Leaves (inspired by the Toronto Maple Leaves). Playing on this team, Peter has become good friends with some of the guys and truly appreciates the camaraderie of the squad and being able to get out on the ice for some fun. Not only is Peter an athlete, but he also plays the drums in his free time. Peter and some other musical Vanguardians are planning to meet, play, and see what they can come up with––at the moment, all we know is that it will be some sort of rock music (updates to come!). Who knows––maybe in a few months Vanguard Direct will host its first concert featuring these talented employees.

Vanguardian Advice:

As a kid, Peter grew up with a father involved in the magazine business. He learned a lot about the industry but soon realized it was not necessarily the direction he wanted to follow. Peter later worked in direct mail and was exposed to the printing business. It was here that he realized he might want to get involved in this industry, and many years later he continues to work at Vanguard Direct! In our chat, Peter stressed the importance of getting involved in work that you thoroughly enjoy. It’s not about the money or title––if you really value what you are doing and the people that surround you, it will be worth it.

Author: Liz Baron, Lindsey Clark, MinJi Kim


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