Introducing Vanguard’s Meet the Artist Video Series

The Creative Services Retrospective 2014 premiered a series we expect to become a Vanguard Direct tradition in years to come. A curated array of extracurricular staff arts and crafts was on display at New York headquarters for an all-too-brief two-week span.

But we have good news for anyone who missed the live show or would like a second look. Beginning today, viewers can learn more about the artists in our series, and the backstories on their work, via our new Meet the Artist video series.

Director of Creative Services Kevin Green sets the stage for the series in a thoughtful video. Next, get to know artists Renee Cruikshank, Antonio Lopez, Natacha Arora and Barry Scheer a little better with inside looks into their art and motivation.

Finally, you can access the entire series on demand at

We thank all the artists who contributed their personal insights and passions to this unique exhibition and video series.

Kevin Green

Renee Cruikshank

Antonio Lopez

Natacha Arora

Barry Scheer


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