Update on Eco-Friendly Printing

Green technology has moved beyond the customary recyclable paper and arrow-ridden logos. Some companies are taking it a step forward to increase social awareness. Printing green has gained a new definition that does not only reside in the one industry.

Photo originated from Output Magazine. See direct link below.

Pollution Absorbing Posters.

In the United Kingdom, University of Sheffield professors, Tony Ryan and Simon Armitage, crafted a poster that turned the side of a university building into a nitrogen-oxide absorbing poem. It will remain in this position for the next year.


Photo originated from Adweek. See direct link below.

Toxin-Ridding Billboards.

Multiple companies have also created floating promotional pieces to absorb air pollution and other toxins. Shokubutsu Hana, a cosmetic brand in Japan, recently used their new ad as away to remove pollution from the Pasig River in Manila. Partnered with the Pasig River Rehabilitation commission and Vetiver Farms Phillipines, they launched an 88ft. floating vetiver grass billboard to help absorbs toxins.


Eco-Friendly Film.

Display products that include a plastic film will also be given an eco-friendly adjustment. Earlier this year, Amari Digital Supplies premiered a static-cling film composed of recyclable polypropypylene from Statix. This can be used on indoor and short-term outdoor signage. It may also be used for promotional display items.


The aforementioned billboard, poster, and printable static film, are a few among many eco-friendly materials in the market today. For more information, follow the shortened links below each category.

Author: Jaclyn Saumell


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