From Pen to iPad

Hamlin, the main character of Orange is My Favorite Color, was born out of our department’s desire to create a publishing app. We knew we could learn the software; we just weren’t sure what to write about. Ultimately, we decided to do something simple: a children’s book. Orange is My Favorite Color is a delightful story for children of all ages. It’s funny, relatable and comes with a dose of moral teaching — “be careful what you wish for.” It won’t take anyone long to see that the inspiration came from the old King Midas tale.

One of the important considerations of the design was its simplicity. We knew we were not trying to compete with Disney and their high-polished character renderings. We wanted our illustrations to have the old-timey, throwback feel of the cartoons we all knew as kids (think of the old comic strip Peanuts, for example) but with some 21st century flair. Hamlin’s attire, tie and button-down shirt, is a playful nod to Vanguard’s corporate identity (not to mention his affinity for the color orange which also ties in to Vanguard’s brand). The execution of the illustrations was fairly basic: pen and ink drawings were scanned in and layers of color and other images were added using photoshop. Texture and collage techniques were incorporated into the illustrations on several pages. Once the artwork was established, it went into iBooks Author for layout.

Another goal of ours was implementing interactive features to give the reader a more satisfactory user experience. Not only did we push the software to its limits, we found third-party plug-ins to create the desired effects for several pages. Overall, I’d say it was a pretty good job for a first attempt at digital publishing.

Vanguard Direct: Smarter Solutions, Better Results

In Orange is My Favorite Color, Hamlin changed the world with his story. Now, we want to bring your story to life! Our team’s creative process can present your message in the same compelling, engaging and forward-looking way. Vanguard Direct stands ready to work with you, customizing the digital distribution experience to help you grow your business and achieve your goals.

Orange has now officially launched and may be downloaded for free from the iBooks store from the link shown below.

For a look under the hood and behind the curtain, we hope you’ll also enjoy the following video about the evolution of the character Hamlin and his own colorful story.

And, don’t forget to download and enjoy the free iBook at:

Author: Vanguard Direct Creative Services


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