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Vanguard Direct’s Story Behind Your Story

You read all about how this iBook® app came about in the last Utterly Orange blog. Will Lovell told you the process, described his inspiration for the characters and told you more of “the story behind the story.”

My post talks more about why I wanted us to do this. My strategy was to inspire a team of creatives to put their best efforts into creating and publishing an app/iBook, within the limitations of authoring tools available, and to dream up new ways to enhance these limitations. My goal was to give our company the tools and abilities to make this new business offering in a creative, strategic, cost-effective and efficient way.

From years of working with this team I knew if they were unleashed their creative energies would be powerful. I think I can say I was right on all counts. The iBook Orange is My Favorite Color is eye-catching and innovative, going beyond the authoring tools available and placing Vanguard Direct right in the thick of things in a competitive market.

Our diversity of in-house abilities makes us a powerhouse. I can easily foresee ways in which these effective communication vehicles can enhance the marketing and informational needs of our large client base—delivering positive results with fast turnaround, on a budget our clients will appreciate.

This app/iBook has been an endeavor of love… a passion project, so to speak. I am so proud of my team. Now I’d like you to see results. I urge you to download the iBook and enjoy it on your iPad. Give us a review and be honest—let me know what you think. We are doing a very active social media campaign; you should visit Hamlin’s Facebook page regularly to learn about special events such as podcasts. There will be many upcoming events and, if there’s a demand, further stories.

Author: Vanguard Direct Creative Services