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Wendy’s French Fry Campaign a Huge Hit

You know when it’s real. Wendy’s catchy tagline, written by agency Kaplan Thaler, is more than just a jingle, it’s written proof that Wendy’s may have what it takes to surpass Burger King as the number two fast-food provider in the U.S. Wendy’s new natural-cut French fries may be just what it needs to push it over the edge.

Since November of 2010, sales of Wendy’s fries have risen almost 10% per 100 transactions. According to Roland Smith, president and CEO of Wendy’s/Arby’s Group, that’s “almost equal to McDonald’s.” McDonald’s, of course, is the number one burger chain, with nearly 50% market share.

This comes as no surprise to those of us consumers who have been completely inundated with Wendy’s ad campaign. Not a channel can be found that doesn’t seem to have a commercial promoting these fancy fries. And according to a study by Technomic Consumer Brand Metrics, 61% of those surveyed had already tried the new fries and, of those 61%, more than 75% would recommend them.

This campaign, following the never-frozen-always-fresh campaign for burgers, is just one more feather in Wendy’s cap. The company is taking fast food and making it seem like it’s fresh and healthy—a challenge so many other chains can’t seem to handle.

There’s no guarantee of success for Wendy’s numbers, but new breakfast items will be revealed in the near future. What antics will Wendy’s come up with next?

Author: Eric Swenson